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Human Tracking

Using a method of determining resources combined with psychological profiling, Telebiometrics is keen to locating people who have gone missing or do not wish to be found. Typical situations are missing children, human trafficking, debt collection, and high profile criminals/terrorists.


Secure Bio-Bank Cloud Storage

Telebiometrics offers small businesses the opportunity to use Enterprise Cloud Storage systems which can be accessed via computer or mobile devices. We support Android and iOS mobile operating systems as well as Mac OS and Windows.

The cloud service is tailored to the individual business with room for growth as your business increases.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Storage (Only U.S. Cloud Servers) secure enterprise file sync and sharing service that meets the mobility and collaboration needs of users and the data security requirements of the enterprise.



Touchless Heart Rate Monitor Modules

Touchless hear rate monitors use 60GHz radar to determine heart rate and respiration of a patient or vehicle operator for life sustaining applications.


Biological Processing Units

Biological Processing Units (BPUs) are processors optimized for biological sensors. The BPU is the most efficient method for extracting biological measurements such as ECG/EKG, EEG, temperature, BMI, weight, blood glucose levels and then organizing the data for transmission. BPUs are low-power for mobile or battery operated devices. The BPU can calculate secondary metrics for applications such as Heart Rate.

BPUs can also be integrated into smart patches which attach directly to the skin.

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Facial Recognition

Our outdoor physical (door) access and time attendance units enable easy biosurveillance and access control for seamless integration in factories, schools, and other security minded institutions. We offer a wide variety of biometric units contact us to learn more about matching you with the right solution.


Motion Detection (Specific to Human Energy Spectrum Emission)

The sensors are designed to specifically distinguish between human energy emission and animal energy emission. Sensors are tuned to the unique signature of people and provide optimal filtering reducing interference. Each unit is programmable to satisfy sensitivity in security and energy savings applications.


Telepresence Systems

Depending upon the customer’s price point and market position we offer a range of teleconference systems including drive-able robotic systems for hospitals, doctor’s offices, airports, museums, and elderly care centers. Telepresence robots use a secure peer-to-peer network and a single unit can be shared consecutively with multiple users. Battery life ranges from 2 to 8 hours and contains a self-docking recharging station. We offer WiFi and 4G connectivity on the units.

Buy direct or utilize our lease program enabling small businesses to amortize the cost over time.



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Services Include but not limited to:

Experts in Measuring, Securing, and Organizing Biological Data:

  • Consulting
  • Product Development | Product Positioning
  • International Regulatory
  • Technical Standards Development (ITU, ISO, IEEE, IEC)
  • Strategic Alignment with Semiconductor Companies and Product Manufactures.