Disease Prevention

Telebiometric Biomarkers

Telebiometrics’ algorithms are an exceptionally effective tool in disease prevention, utilizing a range of scientific domains to identify biomarkers of disease and matching actions and measures to reduce the risk of developing a disease or prevent the progression of an existing one. This multifaceted approach involves lifestyle modifications, vaccination, early screening and detection, and other interventions to minimize the likelihood of disease occurrence.

Disease prevention is not limited to individuals and can have a global impact, such as in the case of a pandemic. Early detection and prevention are vital aspects of public health that aim to promote the health and well-being of individuals and communities by reducing the burden of preventable diseases. These efforts can help to improve overall health outcomes, decrease healthcare costs, and enhance quality of life.


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The FDA approval process is a rigorous and complex regulatory process that pharmaceutical and biotech companies must go through to get their drugs, biologics, and medical devices approved for use in the United States. The process involves multiple stages and can take several years to complete.

The first step in the FDA approval process is preclinical testing, where the drug or device is tested in animal models to determine its safety and efficacy. If the results are promising, the company can then move on to clinical trials, which involve testing the drug or device in humans....


On staff experts use proprietary methods to monitor and determine the level of threat posed by a regional outbreak. Outbreaks form Epidemics then Pandemics and can result in a Plague. Clients have used our services to plan for the logistics of such events and investors use the service to determine the financial impact upon their investments.


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