John Caras


Founder of "Biology2Machine Protocol"​ which measures life in multiple scientific domains sending data to the cloud for intense computation and discovery. The ability to quantify life in multiple scientific domains enables us to detect threats in biosecurity. As Rapporteur, John leads a multinational coalition to develop International Recommendations at the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union ITU-T SG17(nominated by US State Department). Biosafety and Biosecurity expert supporting Cybersecurity, Semiconductor, IoT, Human Intel, Telewarfare (remote warfare), and Healthcare-Telemedicine markets.

  • U.S. Department of State Technical Advisor
  • Member of the US Delegation to the UN's ITU-T SG17 (Cybersecurity)
  • United Nations (ECOSOC/ITU) Biosafety & Biosecurity Standards Chairman/ITU-T Rapporteur
  • USTAG Member of ISO TC 215
  • Board Member of the Homeland Security Foundation
  • Strategic Advisor to the FBI
  • Member of the Army Futures Command Mad-Scientist community
  • Member of AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association)
  • BSEE (Electrical Engineering) UF
  • MSBE (Masters in Computational Molecular Biology) NYU

Contact: John.Caras@Telebiometrics.com or (408) 387-4700